Mine Clearance

Pearson Engineering’s Mine Clearance capability includes a range of manned and unmanned platforms for the clearance of explosive threats. Interchangeable front end attachments provide tools for counter-IED tasks, explosive ordnance disposal, obstacle reduction and de-mining. All products are provided with through-life support to keep equipment working, even in the harshest of conditions.

Pearson Engineering’s mine clearance products have proven superior performance in a variety of environments against landmines and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Durability, reliability and survivability are inherent in the design and manufacture of both the platforms and their attachments.

The quality and unique multi-purpose nature of our clearance platforms enable mechanical solutions to be tailored for different applications according to customer requirements. The same platform can be used for mine clearance, counter-IED, runway clearance and general engineering tasks by using the appropriate attachment. This flexibility ensures the machines are able to fulfil operational requirements in any environment.

Mine Clearance


Light and rugged vehicle for mine clearance and heavy duty EOD operations

Mine Clearance


Multi-purpose platform to handle a variety of dangerous tasks

Mine Clearance


Excellence in mobility and performance for mine clearance

Mine Clearance


Technologically the most advanced and field proven large scale mine clearance machine on the market

Mine Clearance


A number of interchangeable, multi-purpose attachments to meet different operational requirements

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