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Pioneering products, proven on the battlefield

With more than 35 years of experience in providing mobility and counter-mobility equipment to Armed Forces around the world, we have a world-proven ability to deliver against the most complex defence challenges.

Keeping our armed forces moving

From our home in Newcastle upon Tyne in the United Kingdom, we are proud to be recognised around the world for our contribution to armoured vehicle programmes. We design products which help combat forces to defend, move and fight and to adapt quickly to maintain their battlefield advantage. Our innovative approach to providing ‘scalable battlefield mobility’ is based on delivering attachments for armoured vehicles which enhance their agility, adaptability and flexibility and which provide options for Commanders. We are located at Armstrong Works, a purpose-built armoured vehicle manufacturing site. We also bring together our armoured vehicle experience and possibilities offered by this historic site to deliver manufacturing services to UK armoured vehicle programmes.

The Pearson Engineering Team

We have a strong track record and we are proud of the reputation we have developed for our quality. More than 75 people work at Pearson Engineering and we are able to draw upon the expertise of our co-located sister companies at Armstrong Works. This gives us access to a manufacturing team of over 220 highly skilled personnel allowing us to respond easily to small and large scale requirements, as well as to Urgent Operational Requirements.

Future focused

The defence landscape is constantly evolving, and so too are our products to meet the need of today’s mission and the future fight. We are trusted to keep pace with the latest international conflict environments, threats and armoured vehicle developments. Building on our unrivalled heritage, expertise, and research capability, we design and manufacture products and integrated solutions that enhance mobility, counter-mobility and survivability. Through significant investment in Research & Development, and through pro-active early stage collaboration with our partners, customers and supply chain, we provide future focused capability that can be relied upon.

Global expertise

Our business is global by design and we have a track record of successfully providing equipment to Armed Forces on all major continents. Our Field Service team is available to provide support to our customers wherever they may be.

How we work

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