The MW370 is a powerful mine and route clearance platform used for the effective clearance of landmines across large areas.

Interchangeable attachments, including a tiller and flail, are used to optimise the platform to particular tasks. A lifter can be integrated to the rear for quality assurance.

The system has been proven during demining operations over many years and has an excellent track record operating in challenging climatic conditions.

The versatile nature of all of the MineWolf platforms means that each can be equipped with a number of interchangeable, multipurpose attachments to meet different operational requirements. The remote controlled platforms also offer camera systems which enable better control and provide additional safety to the operator, especially in high threat areas. Find out more about the attachments available for this platform below.

For full specifications, please download the brochure at the top of this page.

Two MW370 products, used for route clearance

Key Features

  • Choice of tiller or flail to optimise vehicle for ground conditions and mine threat
  • Effective clearance of AP and AT mines up to 15 kg of explosives
  • Continuous ground penetration to a depth of 350mm
  • Powerful engine (367 hp) and mechanical drive of attachments
  • Automatic depth control and optional GPS
  • Mine clearance performance up to 30,000 m2 per day
  • Multiple safety features including ballistic protection of cabin and prime mover

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