Minefield Breaching Mission Payload

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The RCV-Pioneer Minefield Breaching Mission Payload is designed to provide uncrewed and remotely controlled vehicles with the capability to undertake complex route opening tasks when faced with anti-tank mines.

Minefield breaching is widely accepted as a particularly perilous activity, particularly when crews are faced with complex and multi-layered obstacle belts. An uncrewed or robotic combat vehicle equipped with minefield breaching capabilities can undertake route opening tasks whilst keeping soldiers far from harm’s way.

The RCV-Pioneer Minefield Breaching Mission Payload represents the next generation of mine plough technology from Pearson Engineering. It leverages tried, tested and proven system architecture and expertise developed over 40 years of supplying more than 6,000 mine ploughs to end-users around the world.

Our latest plough features two split sections for maximum clearance effect made possible by arranging assemblies where a crew would typically be protected in a traditional armoured vehicle. Track width ploughs are presented at the front of the vehicle to clear a route for the vehicle’s own ground pressure, before a full width rear plough ensures a safe route for vehicles in the convoy.

Pearson Engineering’s mission payloads build on our existing approach to providing scalable and rapidly interchangeable capability. The minefield breaching payload can be quickly swapped with our urban obstacle clearance payload, and others, to re-role the robotic combat vehicle. Interchangeability is facilitated by quick release fastenings and adjustable jacks that require no tools to operate and enable a swap in under 30 minutes.

Pearson Engineering has designed a customisable Operator Control Unit (OCU) with a real-time digital twin visualisation to shorten training and mission times. The OCU is used to teleoperate the RCV-Pioneer Modular Mission Payloads and  is compatible with multiple payloads. The OCU includes an embedded video screen to enable Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) control. The system is designed to meet current Mil Std’s for performance and safety.

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