Minefield Breaching

Pearson Engineering Full Width Mine Plough

Pearson Engineering’s minefield breaching range includes powerful tools to move through even the most challenging terrain to defeat sub-surface explosive ordnance. Whether intended for deliberate breaching or to support ‘freedom of manoeuvre’ for fighting vehicles, our blast-resistant ploughs give Commanders the opportunity to move unimpeded and in doing so, maintain a battlefield advantage.

Pearson Engineering Route Opening Mine Plough

Route Opening Mine Plough

Pearson Engineering’s Route Opening Mine Plough is a full width mine plough designed for deliberate minefield breaching activities. Ground engaging tines move earth wide and clear of the vehicle to create a cleared route.

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Pearson Engineering Self-Protection Mine Plough

Self-Protection Mine Plough

Pearson Engineering’s Self Protection Mine Plough is a track-width mine plough designed to give fighting vehicles the ability to move through mine fields when the operation requires it.

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Pearson Engineering VECTOR


VECTOR is a self-protection mine plough designed to provide wheeled, and other lightweight combat vehicles, with the ability to move through minefields to enhance operational tempo, and to deliver freedom of manoeuvre.

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