Pearson Engineering - Mobility and Counter-Mobility Equipment

We provide interchangeable Front-End Equipment and other attachments that help armoured vehicles to breach minefields, clear explosive ordnance, protect against explosive devices, move and create obstacles and cross gaps. Our latest developments provide enhanced intelligence and autonomy to mobility, counter-mobility and survivability operations. From Armstrong Works, we also deliver comprehensive manufacturing services to defence programmes.

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Integrated solutions that provide mobility, counter-mobility and survivability

Engineering capability on demand

In a conflict environment characterised by political instability, near peer conflict and rapidly accelerating technology, Military Engineers cannot be everywhere all of the time. Their specialist skills are evermore in demand across a diverse and disparate battlefield. Learn more about our work to provide independent mobility, counter-mobility and survivability solutions for combat vehicles, leaving engineers to do what they do best.

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Engineering Capability in a Remote and Autonomous World

Robotic Combat Vehicles (RCVs) will take a prominent position in the configuration of military land forces in future conflict, taking humans away from ‘dull, dangerous and dirty’ tasks, and affording skilled personnel the time and safety to outwit adversaries.

Discover the next generation of engineering capability

Delivering against the most complex defence challenges

Scalable and flexible armoured vehicle manufacturing in the North East of England. Find out more about our M-AIT services for UK armoured vehicle programmes.

Defence Manufacturing Services
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