Spark III

SPARK III enables freedom of manoeuvre and maintenance of operational tempo in the face of a range of on- and off-route explosive threats with the ability to DETECT, PROTECT and DEFEAT.

SPARK III delivers a scalable and modular suite of route proving and clearance capabilities for integration with a wide range of vehicles.

Commonality of spares and training ensures a minimal logistical burden for the deployed force.


  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is available for detection of low metal content threats. Selection of GPRs available for integration to meet operational requirements.
  • Metal Detector can be integrated for detection of higher metal content threats. Deployment of sensors using the manipulator arm maximises detection stand-off and available stopping distance. Dextrous control over a large range of motion enables off-route detection.
  • Active height control and terrain following ability maximises sensor performance and ease of operation.
  • High definition visible and infrared vision systems enable positive identification of surface laid threats and ground-sign at a distance.
  • Threat Marking System automatically marks the locations of detected objects with highly visible dye.



  • Vehicle and crew survivability are enhanced through use of a Route Proving Roller to protect the host vehicle from pressure-initiated threats. Hydraulic pushdown maximises ground pressure with minimum impact on mobility.
  • Full width roller gangs actively check the route for the presence of IEDs, acting as a ‘decoy’ for follow-on vehicles.
  • Steered roller and sensor ensure effective vehicle coverage on complex routes.
  • An optional Infrared (IR) Decoy disrupts Passive Infrared (PIR)-initiated threats such as off-route Explosively Formed Projectiles.
  • Large stand-off from threats is provided by combination of Route Proving Roller and Manipulator Arm during interrogation tasks.



  • A range of Manipulator Arm attachments can be interchanged rapidly, allowing one vehicle to transition from DETECT to DEFEAT missions in minutes:
    + Grapple
    + Ripping Tine
    + Bucket
    + Hydraulic Shears/Spreaders
    + Disruptors
  • A high velocity Air Lance can be deployed for non-invasive excavation and debris removal, aiding in threat confirmation and ground interrogation.


Key Features

  • DETECT, PROTECT, DEFEAT Countering explosive ordnance
  • Delivers tactical flexibility for Counter-Explosive Ordnance missions
  • Reach allows threat areas to be investigated without compromising vehicle protection
  • Full width roller gangs actively check the route for presence of IEDs across the full width of the vehicle
  • Configurable suite of threat detect capabilities provides tactical flexibility and a scalable approach


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