Safeguarding future north-east engineering

Safeguarding future north-east engineering

Pearson Engineering recognises that the company’s success in providing essential equipment to the world’s Armed Forces is based on a foundation of engineering excellence. Our engineers are at the heart of all company activities. They are instrumental in bringing new and innovative products to market to meet the ever-changing and dynamic challenges of the defence and security industry.

As the nature of conflict changes to become ever more asymmetric and unpredictable, a successful defence company must be configured to develop and deliver novel and reliable counter-measures rapidly. For this reason, Pearson Engineering is proud to provide support to a number of north-east and national initiatives designed to encourage the next generation of engineers and to bring inventive solutions to the front line.

For a number of years, Pearson Engineering has provided internships, inspiration and training to many scholars and organisations throughout the north-east. An emphasis has been placed on problem solving and new ways of thinking to tackle real life challenges.

Most recently, Pearson Engineering provided a mentor to a local team competing in the Engineering Education Scheme. The project, aimed at AS level students, is designed to support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects with the objective of giving students valuable experience and inspiring them to apply their skills to engineering.

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