MW50 MW50
MW50 MW50
MW50 MW50

MineWolf 50

Light and rugged vehicle for demining and heavy duty EOD operations

The MW50 is a remotely controlled platform which is designed for landmine, IED and route clearance in rugged, hard to access environments.

It is compact and easy to manoeuvre and it can be transported on a 4×4 pick-up for maximum mobility. Based on proven technology with a selection of detachable tools, it is a robust and versatile tool for the most demanding conditions.

Key Features
  • High endurance plaftform with a range of multi-purpose attachments
  • Effective clearance of anti-personnel mines
  • Rubber tracked for use on complex terrain as well as roads, paved areas or runways
  • Easily transportable by 4×4 or helicopter
  • Capable of working in narrow areas and on steep slopes
  • Effective removal of explosive ordnance and IEDs
  • Camera system for safe and remote operations in high threat areas
  • Continuous ground penetration to depth of 15cm with the tiller

Landmine and IED clearance in hard-to-access areas
Clears AP mines and IEDs on steep inclines, in trenches or forests where other mechanical platforms cannot access, offering a safe alternative to manual clearance.

Route clearance in jungle and forest
Clears AP mines and IEDs from narrow routes and paths through forest and jungle in support of dismounted patrols and can carry supplies, spare parts and fuel as required.

Route clearance and counter-IED in urban areas
Fitted with the multi-purpose robotic arm, it clears mines and IEDs from urban patrol routes and can be used for breaching and entering suspected hazardous buildings and removing obstacles.

Small humanitarian and demining projects
Offering a cost-effective, easy to handle solution for technical survey and small demining projects, the MW50 complies with humanitarian standards and is able to create 1.2 metre wide access lanes for medics and manual deminers.

Road and runway clearance
Rubber tracked and able to drive up to 15km/h whilst fitted with the appropriate tool, the MW50 can clear roads and runways from cluster munitions and other explosive remnants of war.