MW370 MW370
MW370 MW370


Technologically the most advanced and field proven large scale mine clearance machine on the market

The MW370 is a powerful mine and route clearance platform used for the effective clearance of landmines and designed to counter the numerous challenges faced when demining.

Interchangeable attachments, including a tiller and flail, are used to optimise the platform to particular tasks. A lifter can be integrated to the rear for quality assurance. The system has been proven during demining operations over many years and has excellent reliability and efficiency in different ground and climate conditions.

Key Features
  • Choice of tiller or flail to optimise vehicle for ground conditions and mine threat
  • Continuous ground penetration to a depth of 350mm
  • Powerful engine (367hp) and mechanical drive of attachments
  • High quality components to withstand difficult climatic conditions
  • Multiple safety features including ballistic protection of cabin and prime mover
  • Effective clearance of AP and AT mines up to 15kg of explosives
  • Removal of dense vegetation
  • Automatic depth control and optional GPS
  • Mine clearance performance up to 30,000m2 per day

Large Scale Mine Clearance
Effective clearance of anti-tank (AT) and anti-personnel (AP) landmines, either by detonation or disruption. Efficient operation in the majority of terrain and environmental conditions encountered in minefields throughout the world. A large daily output (cleared ground in square metres) is reached by using either a tiller or a flail attachment and the ground is penetrated to a max depth of 350mm. In order to enhance the Quality Assurance of mine clearance, a lifter can be applied.

Route Clearance
The MW370 has been used for route clearance in South Sudan as the primary tool for proving and creating safe routes for the safe supply of humanitarian aid through contaminated areas.