Excavator Manipulator Arm Excavator Manipulator Arm
Excavator Manipulator Arm Excavator Manipulator Arm
Excavator Manipulator Arm Excavator Manipulator Arm
Excavator Manipulator Arm Excavator Manipulator Arm

Excavator Manipulator Arm

The Excavator Manipulator Arm (EMA) enables vehicles to dig, demolish, remove obstacles and fill trenches to create a clear route for following operations.

The system comprises a boom, arm and bucket and a stabilising dozer blade. It is a self-contained Pearson Engineering product which includes its own Engine, Batteries and Fuel System.

Made of high tensile low carbon steel which makes the product robust and strong yet low weight, the system can also be used for light dozing and obstacle reduction tasks. During transport, the EMA stows tightly against the hull of the host vehicle while the blade is raised to protect the equipment and to ensure that the centre of gravity is retained close to the vehicle structure.

The EMA can be fitted using a common interface kit which allows the task equipment to be quickly and easily interchanged and jettisoned increasing the operational capability of the host vehicle

Key Features
  • Excavating and filling trenches, craters or ditches
  • Demolishing structures
  • Clearing vehicle, tree and damaged building obstacles from routes
  • Light dozing operations
  • General lifting and loading tasks
Operation and Control

When in use the EMA(H) maybe in either of two operating modes; Dig mode or Lift mode. In Dig mode the work equipment operates at maximum speed to allow maximum productivity.  In Lift mode the maximum speed of the work equipment is limited and visual indication is provided showing when the maximum loading is achieved.

A power generation system enables the EMA(H) to be completely self-contained requiring no hydraulic power from the host vehicle.  The major element of the power generation system includes a 4 cylinder water cooled diesel engine producing 39kW (gross) that is certified to Tier 3 emissions. The engine is transversely mounted onto the mounting plate.

A touch screen and pair of three-axis control joysticks provide the operator with a simple but comprehensive and responsive control system.

The EMA(H) can be operated from either under armour or remotely from alongside the vehicle.


The EMA(H) can be rapidly attached to, or detached from, the vehicle and interchanged with other Special to Role equipment.

A Quick Hitch allows different work tools to be fitted such as different sized buckets, an auger or a rotating grapple attachment.

An EMA(H) purpose built Transportation Pallet facilitates both storage and transport and is capable of fitting into either an ISO container or onto a DROPS pallet.

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