Designed to provide military vehicles with the ability to detect and displace scatterable-mines, Threat-Sense and Threat-Pathway overcome the fatal challenges to mobility which present a rising threat to all military vehicles, both armoured and non-armoured.

Threat-Pathway can be rapidly deployed to clear scatterable-mines from under armour. At approximately 250kg for a typical IFV, Threat-Pathway is an ‘in case of emergency’ version of Pearson Engineering’s Surface Clearance Device and is designed to be used in an urgent scenario where mobility has been stalled and self-extraction is the only option – it can be carried at all times, ready to be deployed when needed.

The equipment can be removed after use and is considered a consumable which can be easily replaced. Threat-Pathway has been designed to provide full width clearance and independent blade segments can follow ground contours in undulating terrain.

This product can be used alongside Threat-Sense.

Key Features

  • Self-extraction provides freedom of manoeuvre
  • Reduced reliance on combat engineers
  • Compatible with other accessories to mark cleared lanes or to interrupt magnetically fused mines
  • Low weight, low cost, low integration requirements means this product is suitable for all combat vehicles
  • Low profile minimises impact on vehicle mobility
  • Rapidly deployable from under-armour
  • Ground contour following segments
  • Robust materials capable of moving substantial surface laid threats and overcoming undulating terrain
  • Able to be removed and low cost - intended as a consumable


Play video

Video | Threat Sense & Threat Pathway | Scatterable-mine detect & displace capability for military vehicles.

Threat-Sense, artificial intelligence used to detect scatterable mines Play video

Video | Threat-Sense and Threat-Pathway | Storyboard to detect and displace scatterable-mines.

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