Surface Clearance Device

Pearson Engineering’s Surface Clearance Device provides combat engineer vehicles with a surface laid landmine clearance capability which creates safe routes for following forces.

The Pearson Engineering Surface Clearance Device clears surface laid mines and explosive ordnance that are found within the path of the full width of the host vehicle.

The robust system can be provided either as a ‘V’ blade for clearing routes or as an ‘Angled’ blade which is optimised for clearing areas. Both of these variants can be provided with different widths, dependent on the size of the vehicle which will carry it, and the required width of the cleared route.

Independent blade segments, which can be replaced if affected by a blast, are positioned to follow ground contours, even in rugged terrain.

Our Surface Clearance Device has two operating positions which are controlled by lift cylinders:

  • Stowed for cross-country travel
  • Deployed for mine clearance operations

Key Features

  • Proven to operate in a wide range of terrains
  • Low maintenance with replaceable blade segments to ensure operability, even after a blast
  • Rapid clearance of a variety of threat types to provide manoeuvre support to other vehicle
  • Low maintenance
  • Compatible with other accessories to mark cleared lanes or to interrupt alternatively fused mines
  • Battle proven with Armed Forces around the world

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