Magnetic Signature Duplicator

Pearson Engineering’s Magnetic Signature Duplicator has a proven ability to disrupt magnetically fused mines at a safe distance from the vehicle.

The Pearson Engineering Magnetic Signature Duplicator is often used in combination with Front-End Equipment from Pearson Engineering for minefield breaching, surface laid mine clearance and route proving and clearance.

The magnetic field generated by this product induces a signal in the fuses of passive magnetic mines that causes their initiation.

This product provides enhanced protection against a wide range of explosive ordnance when combined with ground engaging tools such as the Pearson Engineering Route Opening Mine Plough, Pearson Engineering Surface Clearance Device and Pearson Engineering Route Proving Roller.

The Magnetic Signature Duplicator is used with the Surface Clearance Device.

Key Features

  • Simple to integrate
  • Proven with Armed Forces around the world

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