Pearson Engineering provides worldwide through-life support to Coalition Forces

Pearson Engineering provides worldwide through-life support to Coalition Forces

Pearson Engineering is committed to ensuring that customers are fully supported with spares packages, training and through-life support for their equipment.

A dedicated team of through-life support specialists ensure that customers have everything they need at their disposal to effectively use the equipment and to fully maintain its operational capability. Pearson Engineering is currently supporting coalition forces in Afghanistan and elsewhere, having supplied Counter-IED and Counter-Mine equipment to operations.

As experienced providers of equipment into theatre, Pearson Engineering is able to offer guidance on how to make best use of available resources and to ensure that equipment is fully supported with the right spares packages. This can, for example, be through the provision of deployable and containerised ‘kits of parts’ packages, full assemblies or individual parts. Support is always tailored to the needs of the warfighter and the demands of the operational environment.

Pearson Engineering has a team of Field Support Representatives (FSRs) who are ready to be deployed for training or urgent equipment support anywhere, any time. Our FSRs have an excellent track record of supplying training courses in theatre or at home. The provision of FSRs for long-term support is also available. This ensures that there will always be expert support on hand to help install Pearson Engineering equipment, to troubleshoot, to carry out preventative maintenance and to provide equipment field sustainment support.

John Woods, Project Manager said “Through-life support is important to our customers and Pearson Engineering places great emphasis on maintaining effective communication with those in theatre. Regular conference calls are always held in order to gather feedback and to pre-empt any additional support which may be required in-theatre.

Pearson Engineering supplies Counter-IED, Counter-Mine Combat Earth Moving and Assault Bridging vehicle attachments to armed forces around the world.




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