Pearson Engineering provides Manoeuvre Support to Combat Operations

Pearson Engineering provides Manoeuvre Support to Combat Operations

Pearson Engineering met with visitors to MSPO 2014 to communicate how the company’s Counter-IED, Counter-Mine, Combat Earth Moving, Route Proving and Assault Bridging products can provide Manoeuvre Support to Combat Operations.

In the challenging, complex and uncertain land environment, Commanders need more than ever the ability to freely manoeuvre to places at times of their choosing. The company’s range of vehicle attachments, each optimised for a particular Combat Engineering role, can be interchanged and configured to deliver Assured Mobility.

The company’s products include Counter-IED Mine Rollers, Mine Ploughs, Surface Clearance Devices, Earthmoving Equipment and Bridge Launch Mechanisms optimised for use on Heavy Tracked, Medium Tracked or Medium Wheeled Vehicles. A range of vehicle and soldier protection rollers are also available for use with MRAP Vehicles and dismounted operations.

The ability to fit Pearson Engineering products to vehicles within an existing fleet provides the ability to increase capability without the need to increase the number of vehicles and soldiers required for operations.

In recent months, the company has received orders for Pearson Engineering Full Width Mine Ploughs for customers in Qatar, Denmark, UAE and Norway and to the U.S. Assault Breacher Vehicle program.  The Full Width Mine Plough, which is suitable for Heavy Tracked Vehicles, provides a powerful mine breaching capability by clearing concealed or buried mines and IEDs found within the path of the full width of the vehicle.

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