Pearson Engineering Nominated for Silver Armed Forces Covenant Award

Pearson Engineering Nominated for Silver Armed Forces Covenant Award

After signing the Armed Forces Covenant in December 2017, Pearson Engineering was awarded a covenant related Bronze Award as part of the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme. The company has now been nominated for a silver award having demonstrated its commitment to supporting the Armed Forces Community.

The Defence Employer Recognition Scheme exists to encourage companies to support military personnel and their families, ensuring that they face no disadvantage.

Pearson Engineering was quickly able to demonstrate its proactivity when it comes to promoting opportunities and educational experiences for members of the Armed Forces, earning the company its first award. Pearson Engineering has gone on to show its support through a number of initiatives including sponsorships, briefings to local REME units and involvement with Reservist activities.

Whilst Pearson Engineering actively supports various Armed Forces charities and engages regularly with Army activities, the company is also keen to offer employees opportunities to work alongside the Reserves to learn from their experiences. Earlier this year, Graduate Engineers Jack Burnett and Amish Patel attended a ‘Reserve’s Challenge’ sponsored by 4 Infantry Brigade (HQ NE) to gain an insight into their leadership and approach to team work.

Amish said “The Reservists experience day provided a deep insight into the nature of the Reservist community and the vital contribution they make to the military operations that help safeguard our nation. As an opportunity offered to us by Pearson Engineering, the free exchange of ideas, knowledge and personal experiences during this event allowed relationships to be built for the future”. Jack added, “The Reserve’s Challenge highlighted the important role that Reservists play in the community. The range of tactics that are used to solve problems was enlightening”.

Pearson Engineering has a pro-Reservist HR Policy which recognises the experience, knowledge and leadership brought to business.

ILS Author and former Reservist, Stephen Roberts said “Pearson Engineering was keen to support my involvement and made the necessary arrangements possible to allow me to continue my military training. I now use many of the skills that I developed during my time as a Reservist as part of a team of Technical Publication Authors. My contextual knowledge and experience is helpful to the team when taking on new projects”.

The company is dedicated to continuing to support the UK’s Military Community and will celebrate Armed Forces Day with fundraising activities across the business.

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