Pearson Engineering displays equipment at MILENG Industry Day

Pearson Engineering displays equipment at MILENG Industry Day

As regular supporters of the MILENG Centre of Excellence Industry Day in Ingolstadt Germany, Pearson Engineering has a firmly established reputation within the community as a world-leading provider of interchangeable combat engineering equipment. This year, Pearson Engineering took the opportunity to further communicate its 2016 acquisition of the assets and IP of the former MineWolf Systems AG.

Pearson Engineering displayed an MW240 – the MineWolf variant operated by the German Army – alongside one of Pearson Engineering’s best known products, the British Army Barbadian Counter-IED roller.

Pearson Engineering’s Counter-IED rollers have been provided to Armed Forces throughout the world to counter IED threats in a variety of terrains. They are emblematic of Pearson Engineering’s proactive approach to countering obstacles and fully supporting customers, even in the most challenging environments.

The message at the event was clear, with the products side by side, Pearson Engineering is committed to supporting operators of MineWolf equipment with the same levels of service and dedication typical of the company’s combat engineering offering.

Since acquisition of MineWolf Systems, Pearson Engineering has delivering MineWolf equipment to customers in a number of war-stricken countries and has seen a great deal of growth within 12 months.

The event is a regular on Pearson Engineering’s calendar and the company will once again be in attendance on December 6th 2017.

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