UK MoD congratulate Pearson Engineering

UK MoD congratulate Pearson Engineering

Pearson Engineering welcomed the Ministry of Defence’s Manoeuvre Support Team at their premises on Thursday 15th August to receive a presentation in recognition of the company’s recent Barbadian Super Light Weight Roller programme which supplied lifesaving equipment to British Army forces in Afghanistan.

The company, based in Walker on the banks of the Tyne, develops and supplies Counter-Mine, Counter-IED, Assault Bridging and Combat Earth Moving vehicle attachments to the world’s land forces and has recently developed a Mine Roller system specifically for light weight military vehicles.

Pearson Engineering invited representatives from its valued Supply Chain, which largely comprises companies based in the North-East, in acknowledgement of their unwavering support and commitment to the company’s programmes.

The event took place on Thursday afternoon, starting with the presentation, delivered by Group Captain Paul Ridge of the Ministry of Defence’s Manoeuvre Support Team and concluded with a demonstration of Pearson Engineering’s latest products including the Barbadian Super Light Weight Roller, SPARK II, Self-Protection Combat Roller and the company’s Counter-IED vehicle, PEROCC.

Group Captain Paul Ridge expressed his gratitude for the skill and dedication of the Pearson Engineering team in delivering the project which was completed within just one year, a third of the time usually taken for such a project.  Pearson Engineering is able to support such requirements quickly through a policy of continued investment in research and development, allowing the company to anticipate threats and to respond to them accordingly.

The Barbadian Super Light Weight Roller works by applying pressure to the ground ahead of the vehicle, detonating threats, before the vehicle reaches them. The rollers are mainly sacrificial but are made up of a modular construction making them efficient to repair after a blast.

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