Major General Gaunt visits Armstrong Works

Major General Gaunt visits Armstrong Works

Pearson Engineering had the privilege of welcoming Major General Mark Gaunt, Director Support, British Army to Newcastle upon Tyne this week. Hosted by Regional Sales Director, Richard Beatson, the General was shown Pearson Engineering’s new product developments and was taken on a tour of Pearson Engineering’s agile defence manufacturing capability.

Pearson Engineering has been an enduring supplier to the British Army for nearly 30 years. Having initially provided Full Width Mine Ploughs to the Army, Pearson Engineering has continued to support British programmes through the delivery of equipment for the Titan, Terrier and Trojan vehicles. In more recent years, Pearson Engineering has provided interchangeable Front End Equipment for a number of other Counter-IED protection, recovery and manoeuvre support programmes.

Given Pearson Engineering’s long history with the British Army, the opportunity was taken during the General’s visit to demonstrate more recent developments. Specifically, following a move to Armstrong Works in 2015, the company now offers defence manufacturing services including vehicle build, complex structure manufacture and procurement support. The General toured Armstrong Works to see first-hand Pearson Engineering’s ability to deliver high-end, yet low cost and reduced risk manufacturing for British Army programmes.

Based on this capability and the company’s expertise in the defence sector, Pearson Engineering was recently selected as a key defence manufacturing partner by ARTEC. Should the BOXER vehicle be chosen for the British Army’s MIV programme, Pearson Engineering alongside sister company Responsive Engineering will deliver a significant portion of UK procurement and assembly. Pearson Engineering aims to continue to build on this success and to further support British Army armoured vehicle programmes.

Richard Beatson said “It was a pleasure to host a visit today to Armstrong Works by Major General Gaunt. Such visits are important to the development and sustainment of strong relationships between the UK military and defence industry. Major General Gaunt was able to spend time viewing both current core products and the world-class defence manufacturing capability the factory has to offer”.

[Photo from left to right: Brian Gallacher- Programme Director, Randall Flack- Technical Director,
Major General Mark Gaunt- Director Support British Army and Richard Beatson- Regional Sales Director]

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