Combat Engineer capabilities demonstrated to GDLS – UK

Combat Engineer capabilities demonstrated to GDLS – UK

Pearson Engineering recently welcomed General Dynamics Land Systems – UK’s 8 x 8 Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) demonstrator to Armstrong Works as part of a Tactical Road Move Challenge.

The vehicle was brought to Armstrong Works following its 650 mile journey from Plymouth to Inverness. Pearson Engineering took the opportunity to demonstrate the company’s Combat Engineering products, a flexible and modular approach to increasing vehicle capability.

The LAV 8 x 8 was displayed with a variety of equipment suitable for its vehicle class, including Counter-IED, Counter-Mine, Combat Earth Moving and Assault Bridge Launching vehicle attachments.

The attachments are designed to be fitted using a Jettison Fitting Kit, a common interface which allows the equipment to be quickly and easily attached, released and interchanged to provide Commanders with ability to equip and optimise their platforms to the task at hand.

Pearson Engineering’s Military Technology Advisor said “We are delighted to see the General Dynamics – UK LAV Demonstrator Vehicle at the Armstrong Works.  We have been working with General Dynamics for many years and our product range is designed to fit their armoured vehicles.  It was therefore really useful for our staff to see the vehicle and to learn first-hand of its capabilities from the General Dynamics crew”.

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