R&D appointment strengthens Defence and Security ambitions

R&D appointment strengthens Defence and Security ambitions

Pearson Engineering is pleased to announce the appointment of a Head of Research and Development to support the company’s growth ambitions.

The appointment enhances the company’s strong position as providers of innovative solutions to the most difficult engineering challenges.

Along with diversification into the defence manufacturing and humanitarian de-mining sectors, Pearson Engineering is committed to bringing new defence and security solutions to the market to enhance or deny mobility during conflict.

The company’s latest capability demonstrator, a high mobility, high protection counter-terror shield was introduced to relevant organisations at an event in Paris in November.

The prototype follows Pearson Engineering’s product approach, providing multi-role capability based on a common base platform. This concept, found at the core of all of Pearson Engineering’s products, allows users to configure their responses to meet rapidly changing and unpredictable scenarios in combat and counter-terror environments.

For more information on Pearson Engineering’s defence and security solutions please contact Nicola Irving at pearson@pearson-eng.com

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