Tactical Systems for Civil Defence

Tactical Systems for Civil Defence

The nature of conflict is changing. No longer is Combat confined to traditional boundaries, it occurs in our homeland; in our towns and cities.

Pearson Engineering’s range of vehicle attachments provide protection, resilience and capability to our Civil Defence and Homeland Security Agencies.

Pearson Engineering’s long history in providing battle proven products to the World’s Armed Forces allows us to provide Counter-IED Protection, Tactical Access, Protective Barrier and Obstacle Clearance systems. Our products are supplied as vehicle attachments and may be fitted either directly or via a common interface system which allows for their quick and easy attach, release and interchange. This approach ensures that the right equipment is available for the task when it is needed.

Counter-IED Protection

Pearson Engineering understands that conflict is now more asymmetric than ever and that non-state actors can easily create fear, disruption and protection for criminal gangs with the use of IEDs both in urban and rural environments. Pearson Engineering’s Counter-IED roller systems apply pressure to the ground to detonate pressure fused IEDs ahead of the vehicle protecting the vehicle and the crew.

Protective Barriers

Pearson Engineering’s vehicle mounted mobile barrier systems provide vehicle and personnel protection during natural disasters or civil unrest. They can also be used to quickly and easily deny access to an area without the need for semi-permanent infrastructure.

Obstacle Clearance

Pearson Engineering’s obstacle clearance capability allows VIP, Rapid Response and Security vehicles to counter a range of obstacles caused by natural occurrences or emplaced to protect criminal and terrorist activity. Our obstacle blade and manipulator arm allows debris, rubble, vehicles and other obstacles to be handled quickly and effectively without the need for specialist vehicles.

Tactical Access

Pearson Engineering’s long history of the integration of equipment onto vehicles ensures that the addition of equipment to access buildings has minimal impact on the vehicle’s mobility. Pearson Engineering’s tactical access equipment extends from punching through walls and fabrications in order to force entry, to urban access platforms which provide protected strategic placement or recovery of people and equipment without the need for excessive force or weaponry.

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