APE-X is a multi-purpose, high mobility platform capable of carrying significant mass up and down stairs*, over obstacles and over uneven surfaces. It’s sophisticated track system allows the base to move around a building with ease, projecting protective shields forward or carrying equipment to enhance the operator’s tactical capability.

Controlled remotely (hardwired or wireless), the base moves in a smooth and controlled way whilst always maintaining a level surface for the attachments to be carried regardless of incline or obstacle.

Interchangeable attachments provide forces with the tools they need, when they need them to counter ballistic threats and challenges to manoeuvrability.

Key Features

  • Operates under own propulsion
  • Ability to climb stairs in a smooth and controlled manner with auto-levelling
  • Remotely controlled
  • Allows significant mass to be carried, including Forces’ own shields
  • Overcomes high-protection versus high mobility challenge, shields with higher levels of protection can be carried
  • Interchangeable attachments provide tactical utility to match evolving threat scenarios
  • Cost efficiency achieved through multi-purpose application
  • Built-in features including configurable track length improve stability or provide enhanced mobility in tight spaces
  • Ability to climb over obstacles and to traverse uneven surfaces

Interchangeable Attachments

  • High protection shields (NIJ IV) for personnel protection
  • Telescopic barricade system for creating safe passages or areas
  • Protected bunker to create control and command post or protected area in protracted incidents
  • Remote hostage retrieval system
  • Manipulator arm for emplacement or clearance of explosives
  • Remote route clearance equipment
  • Drone or UGV platform
  • Power tools
  • Medical evacuation equipment
  • Mule attachment

*Patent Applied For

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