APEX is a multi-purpose, stair-climbing unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), capable of carrying payloads up to 250kg up and down stairs*, over obstacles and over uneven surfaces.

Automatic track articulation and payload levelling ensure stability throughout ascent and descent of stairs with minimal operator burden. Variable machine length enables negotiation of tight indoor spaces and square landings.

APEX allows heavy, high-centre-of-gravity and tilt-sensitive payloads such as protective shields, firefighting equipment and rescue tools to be projected ahead of operators by remote control into previously inaccessible areas of the urban environment.

Key Features

  • Ability to transport a payload of 250kg over obstacles and up and down stairs
  • Ability to automatically level a payload throughout stair ascent and descent
  • Variable machine length for manoeuvrability in confined spaces
  • Remote controlled (either direct line of sight or via camera system)

Interchangeable Attachments

  • Mobile High-Protection Ballistic Shield (3 part variable width, NIJ IV)
  • Hydraulic Rescue Tools and Power Pack Transport
  • Breathing Apparatus Transport
  • Stretcher Carry
  • Mobile Barricade

*Patent Applied For

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