The Self Protection Adaptive Roller Kit II – SPARK II is a roller system which provides full width proving capability to an MRAP vehicle.

Hydraulic power is used to transfer a proportion of the weight of the host vehicle onto the roller wheels of the SPARK II in order to generate the push down force necessary to detonate explosive devices. The system is light weight but provides a heavy effect.

The product is battle proven and is in service with, amongst others, the U.S. Army, the Danish Army and the Australian Army.

The system is generally used where there is a possibility, rather than the probability of the presence of threats on an intended route.

SPARK II comprises two 7-roller wheel banks to protect the vehicle wheels. The roller tyres are puncture proof and are made from a special wear resistant semi-compliant polyurethane compound.

Each roller wheel can articulate over undulating terrain and a steering system can articulate SPARK II right and left to protect the vehicle when negotiating corners. A hydraulically deployable braking system applies a braking force when required.

The stand-off between the roller gang and the vehicle can be hydraulically extended or retracted depending on operational requirement.

The SPARK II can be fitted using a common interface kit which allows the task equipment to be quickly and easily interchanged and jettisoned increasing the operational capability of the host vehicle.

Key Features
  • Provides full width route proving capability to MRAP vehicles
  • Light weight but heavy effect
  • Minimal effect on vehicle mobility and manoeuvrability
  • Roller wheels, supported by a sophisticated gas strut suspension system, follow ground contours providing constant ground contact at speed
  • Solid tyres resist punctures and damage
  • Steering, braking and roller extension functions for greater functionality
  • Can be jettisoned in an emergency
  • Rapidly repairable
  • A robust and compact system which requires little maintenance
Operation and Control

SPARK II has two operating modes; push-down for rolling and float for maintenance purposes.  A hydraulic cylinder provides the push down function.  Steering, braking, jettison and extension systems are hydraulically controlled.

During start-up, hydraulic power is provided by a small in-built electrohydraulic pump system and oil reservoir.  During rolling, a ground driven Power Wheel provides SPARK II with its hydraulic power without further recourse to the electro-hydraulic pump system.

SPARK II is controlled from a touchscreen Roller Control Unit (RCU) mounted within easy reach of the vehicle driver or commander.  A separate driver auxiliary RCU joystick controller is used to augment the functionality of the RCU.


SPARK II is attached to a MRAP by a simple interface bracket that enables rapid connection and the ability to jettison the equipment from the vehicle should an emergency situation arise.  No vehicle modifications are required.

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