SLICE is a vehicle interface which enables armoured vehicles to perform mobility and counter mobility tasks without the need for permanent modification to the vehicle’s structure.

SLICE fits to the existing features of the host vehicle – this ensures that the integrity of the hull is maintained. The hydraulic power provided by SLICE provides the host vehicle with an ability to fit, operate and jettison Front End Equipment (FEE). When fitted to the host vehicle, SLICE does not interfere with the Gun sweep, whilst providing optimum condition for effective FEE ground engagement.

SLICE enables the use of a customers existing inventory and mobilises it for use on multiple platforms, thus enabling the user improved scalability, mobility, capability. The following attachments are suitable for heavy armour when using SLICE: Proofing Roller, Self-Protection Combat Roller, Combat Dozer Blade, Track Width Mine Plough, Full Width Mine Plough, Surface Clearance Device.


Key Features
  • Provides Main Battle Tanks with a scalable and modular mobility and counter mobility capability.
  • Plug and Play functionality. FEE can be rapidly fitted and removed in ‘field conditions’.
  • No permanent modification to the vehicle is required.
  • No effect on host vehicle lethality.
  • Compatible with a wide range of capability enhancing Front End Equipment.
  • Integrated hydraulic motor pump and control system.
  • Enables ‘under armour jettison’ of battle damaged equipment.
Operation and Control

Both SLICE and fitted FEE are controlled by a Multi-purpose SLICE control unit, which is provided as part of the Vehicle Integration Kit.

SLICE takes available vehicle power and enables operation and jettison of FEE.

SLICE provides automatic Jettison functionality, enabling the crew to rapidly remove battle damaged FEE from under armour. A manual backup jettison system can also be provided. The jettison capability is based on tried, tested and battle-proven Pearson Engineering technology.


When the mission requires, SLICE can be easily fitted and removed from the MBT in less than 15 minutes using a crane and basic tools.

Once fitted onto the MBT, Front-End Equipment can then be quickly fitted onto SLICE in field conditions, without the requirement for tools. Dependent on the environment, this takes around 10 minutes but with suitable training can take as little as 2 minutes.

Product Sheet


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