Short Gap Crossing System Short Gap Crossing System
Short Gap Crossing System Short Gap Crossing System
Short Gap Crossing System Short Gap Crossing System

Short Gap Crossing System

The Short Gap Crossing System (SGCS) is a launching system which enables vehicles to rapidly lay and recover pipe fascines and track way from under armour. 

The SGCS enables a vehicle to launch assets to cross wet and dry gaps rapidly without the need for bridging.

The SGCS comprises a launch platform that carries the fascines, a lift beam that raises the launch platform to the launch position, fascine lashing equipment that securely holds the fascines in position and a fascine release mechanism.

The SGCS can be fitted using a common interface kit which allows the task equipment to be quickly interchanged and jettisoned increasing operational capability of the host vehicle

Key Features
  • Simple but highly effective system
  • Can carry one or two fascines, either individually or in tandem
  • Rapid launch and recovery capability
  • Adapts to different gap profiles
  • Can be used in wet or dry situations
Operation and Control

Two hydraulic lift cylinders are used to deploy and stow the launch platform and to control the fascine release mechanism.

These functions are controlled from a Multipurpose Control Unit (MCU) mounted within easy reach of the vehicle driver.

The launch platform is designed to ensure the centre of gravity of the system is in the optimum position for the vehicle during transport and also to guide the fascines to clear any Special to Role equipment which may be mounted on the front of the vehicle.

To load fascines a Pearson Engineering Excavator Manipulator Arm (EMA) with a fascine loading attachment can be used.


The SGCS(H) is compatible with a wide range of Heavy Weight Combat Vehicle Special to Role equipment and together can form a highly effective countermine and combat engineering system capable of numerous battlefield tasks including breaching complex obstacles, minefields and ditches.

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