Route Proving and Clearance Multi-Tool Route Proving and Clearance Multi-Tool
Route Proving and Clearance Multi-Tool Route Proving and Clearance Multi-Tool

Route Proving and Clearance Multi-Tool

The new Pearson Engineering Route Proving and Clearance Multi-Tool is a vehicle agnostic, Counter Explosive Ordnance (CEO) capability to DETECT, PROTECT and DEFEAT. 

The RP&C Multi-Tool delivers a scalable and modular suite of RP&C capabilities for use on your existing vehicle fleet. Able to DETECT, PROTECT and DEFEAT a range of explosive threats, both on and off route, it enables freedom of manoeuvre and the maintenance of Operational Tempo.

Commonality of spares and training ensures a minimal logistical burden for the deployed force.


RP&C product sheet

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to DETECT low metal content threats.
  • Metal Detector to DETECT high metal content threats.
  • Active Height Control maximises equipment performance and scanning accuracy.
  • High definition and infra-red vision systems enable the Positive Identification of surface threats and ‘Ground-Sign’ at distance.
  • A Laser Spectrometer aids in threat awareness and confirmation at distance.
  • The Manipulator Arm is capable of holding the GPR vertically to allow the scanning of walls and threats adjacent to your route.
  • An optionally tethered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) aids off-route detection and the Commander’s local situational awareness.
  • Vehicle and crew survivability is enhanced with the inclusion of a SPARK II C-IED Roller which protects the host vehicle from Victim Operated (Pressure Plate) threats.
  • The optionally tethered, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), gives a Commander a persistent over-watch capability, which can both DETECT and DETER the use of Command Initiated devices.
  • The Excavator Manipulator Arm (EMA) can rapidly change attachments, allowing one vehicle to go from a DETECT to DEFEAT mission in a matter of minutes.
  • Various interchangeable attachments (Digger, Ripper, Grabber, Bucket) are available to aid ground interrogation and threat neutralisation.
  • Fitting of an ‘Air lance’ aids threat confirmation (debris removal and non-invasive excavation)

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