MineWolf 330 MineWolf 330
MineWolf 330 MineWolf 330
MineWolf 330 MineWolf 330

MineWolf 330

Excellence in mobility and performance for mine clearance

The MW330 is designed to meet military requirements for survivability and mobility during explosives clearance operations.

The MW330 combines the robustness and productivity typical of the MW370 with the flexibility and manoeuvrability of Pearson Engineering’s smaller platforms. The MW330 can be remotely operated and can be optimised for a variety of mine clearance, counter-IED and engineering tasks using interchangeable attachments.

Key Features
  • Choice of operator or remotely controlled operation (detachable cabin)
  • Effective clearance of AP and heavy AT mines with tiller and flail
  • Robotic arm with a variety of tools can be attached for IED clearance
  • Multiple safety features including ballistic protection of cabin and prime mover
  • Range of interchangeable attachments for EOD and engineering tasks
  • Continuous ground penetration to depth of 300mm
  • Transportable in C-130 aircraft and in 40ft ISO container
  • High quality components to withstand difficult climatic conditions

Large Scale Mine Clearance
Effective clearance of anti-tank (AT) and anti-personnel (AP) landmines, either by detonation or disruption. Efficient operation in the majority of terrain and environmental conditions encountered in minefields throughout the world. A large daily output (cleared ground in square metres) is reached by using either a tiller or a flail attachment and the ground is penetrated to a max depth of 300mm.

Counter-IED operations
Clearance of IEDs from routes in open areas when equipped with the robotic arm. With the cabin removed, the system is remotely controlled from a safe environment and is used with a camera system.

Multi-purpose engineer operations
Fitted with various multi-purpose attachments (e.g. sifter bucket / dozer shield), the system has the ability to carry out different military engineering tasks and UXO clearance operations.