Mine Clearance Attachments Mine Clearance Attachments
Mine Clearance Attachments Mine Clearance Attachments
Mine Clearance Attachments Mine Clearance Attachments


MineWolf vehicles are designed to be used for the effective clearance of various explosive devices.

The versatile nature of all MineWolf platforms means that each can be equipped with a number of interchangeable, multi-purpose attachments to meet different operational requirements. The remote controlled platforms also offer camera systems which enable better control and provide additional safety to the operator, especially in high threat areas.

  • Effective and accurate mine clearance tool
  • Patented “open basket” structure allowing the mine blast to expand through the tiller to avoid or reduce damage
  • Comprehensive ground penetration guaranteeing even the smallest anti-personnel mines are destroyed

Available for: MW50, MW240, MW330, MW370

  • Rotating drum with chains and hammers to destroy anti-personnel and anti-tank mines with its force
  • Suitable for areas with anti-tank mine contamination
  • Particularly suited for use in rocky and hard ground

Available for:  MW240, MW330, MW370

Robotic Arm
  • Multi-adapter for attaching a choice of front tools for different applications (e.g. IED and UXO removal, vegetation cutting, deep excavation)
  • Remote controlled operation and in-built camera system

Available for: MW50, MW240, MW330

Vegetation Cutter
  • Contact us for details

Available for: MW240, MW330, MW370

  • Used for loading and unloading other attachments
  • Movement of heavy equipment
  • Removal of heavy obstacles and cars

Available for: MW50, MW240, MW330

Sifter Bucket/Gripper Bucket
  • Recovery and removal of surface laid mines/UXO/IEDs
  • Transportation of heavy tools and other items

Available for: MW50, MW240, MW330

  • Rear-mounted attachment to speed up quality control process after mine clearance
  • Sifts through the processed ground and lifts destroyed objects to the surface
  • Camera system to provide real-time information to operator in the cabin

Available for:  MW240, MW370

Dozer Shield
  • Used for grading areas of land
  • Clearing ground from obstacles (e.g. route clearance)

Available for: MW50, MW240, MW330

Runway Clearance Tool
  • Safe and effective collection and dispensing of cluster munitions
  • In-built camera system for precise observation and operation
  • 6m clearance width
  • Special features include magnets, reinforced collection bucket and sweeping capability