High Lift Adaptor High Lift Adaptor
High Lift Adaptor High Lift Adaptor
High Lift Adaptor High Lift Adaptor

High Lift Adaptor

The High Lift Adaptor (HLA) is a Special to Role equipment Common Interface System that provides better approach angles for Heavy Weight Combat Vehicles and enables hydraulic connection and release.

The HLA allows the rapid interchange and attachment of a wide range of Pearson Engineering Special to Role equipment,as well as fast release in an emergency using an integral hydraulic jettison system.

The HLA is designed with a lift capability in order to provide a greater front end approach angle, thus improving vehicle mobility in restricted terrain.  Without this capability, the ability of the vehicle to climb and descend banks and to cross gaps may be limited.

The HLA comprises an upper cross shaft (with lock/jettison pins) and lower anchor blocks.  No special adjustments are needed to secure the attached equipment once it is in place and the system requires minimal personnel to both fit and operate.

An on-board hydraulic and control system may be supplied as part of the HLA that provides power and control to the Special to Role equipment.

The HLA can be fitted to a wide range of vehicles and is in service with Heavy Weight Combat Vehicles of the US Army, US Marine Corps, Finnish Defence Force and Danish Army.

Key Features
  • Facilitates rapid fitting and removal of a wide range of Heavy Weight Combat  Vehicle Special to Role equipment
  • Provides an emergency jettison capability
  • Provides a high lift capability to increase vehicle approach angle
  • If required, provides power and control to the Special to Role equipment
Operation and Control

The HLA lock/jettison function is provided by two hydraulic cylinders back-up mounted internally in the upper HLA shaft.  A manually operated back-up system is provided in case of failure of the primary system.

The HLA raise/lower function is provided by two hydraulic cylinders that act on the upper cross shaft assembly.

Lanyard operated quick release hydraulic and electrical couplings are provided for power and control connection to the Special to Role equipment.


If required, on-board power and control is provided by a Multipurpose Control Unit (MCU) mounted conveniently for the driver; a Remote Multipurpose Control Unit (RMCU) that provides complementary control to the MCU; a Hydraulic Master Controller (HMC) that acts as a main hub for all power and control functions and where the associated control software resides; and a Valve Pack Unit (VPU) that contains the hydraulic control valves.

If required, a Hydraulic Power Pack (HPP) provides hydraulic oil independently from the vehicle hydraulic system in order to operate the HLA and Special to Role equipment.

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