Earth Anchor Blade Earth Anchor Blade
Earth Anchor Blade Earth Anchor Blade
Earth Anchor Blade Earth Anchor Blade
Earth Anchor Blade Earth Anchor Blade

Earth Anchor Blade

The Earth Anchor Blade (EAB) holds a vehicle static in order to provide a platform for winching operations in a wide range of ground conditions.

Made of high tensile low carbon steel, the EAB is light and strong and is able to resist the high loads generated during operation.

The compact system is designed to retain the centre of gravity close to the vehicle structure and can be mounted to the front or rear of the host vehicle.

The EAB can be fitted using a common interface kit which allows the task equipment to be quickly interchanged and jettisoned increasing the operational capability of the host vehicle.

Key Features
  • Can be fitted to a wide range of Combat Vehicles
  • Designed for optimal performance in all ground conditions
  • Engineered to withstand anchoring forces
  • Can be used for dozing and obstacle clearance
Operation and Control

An EAB(H) has three operating positions; stowed for cross-country travel, deployed for anchoring operations and float for ground levelling and back-blading operations. A pair of hydraulic lift cylinders stows and deploys the blade.

Hydraulic power is provided by an on-board hydraulic system that can be provided as part of an EAB(H) system.

An EAB(H) is controlled from a Control Unit mounted within easy reach of the vehicle driver. The Control Unit controls the lift cylinder, enabling the operator to use the EAB for anchoring operations or earth-moving.


The EAB(H) can be fitted using a Pearson Engineering High Lift Adaptor (HLA).  This is a common interface system which allows products to be rapidly interchanged and jettisoned.

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