Combat Dozer Blade Combat Dozer Blade
Combat Dozer Blade Combat Dozer Blade
Combat Dozer Blade Combat Dozer Blade

Combat Dozer Blade

The Combat Dozer Blade suitable for Heavy Tracked Vehicles is known as the CDB(H) and is suitable for moving earth, rubble and obstacles and to fill ditches.

Key Features
  • Preparing defensive positions
  • Breaching defensive earthworks
  • Filling anti-tank ditches
  • Preparing ground for launching bridges
  • Clearing obstacles, urban road blocks and rubble
  • Filling craters and route opening
  • Is strong and light
Operation and Control

A CDB(H) has three operating positions; stowed for cross-country travel, deployed for earth-moving operations and float for ground levelling and back-blading operations.  A hydraulic lift cylinder stows and deploys the blade.

Hydraulic power is provided by an in-built electrohydraulic power system if a CDB is fitted directly to a vehicle. or from an on-board hydraulic system that can be provided as part of a Pearson Engineering Common Interface System.

A CDB(H) is controlled from a Multipurpose Control Unit (MCU) mounted within easy reach of the vehicle driver.


A CDB(H) can be rapidly attached to, or detached from, the vehicle and interchanged with other Special to Role equipment.

A purpose built Transportation Pallet facilitates both storage and transport and is capable of fitting into either an ISO container or onto a DROPS pallet.

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