PEROCC is unveiled

PEROCC is unveiled

The Pearson Engineering PEROCC is unveiled at the 2012 Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting & Exposition

Pearson Engineering unveiled the Pearson Engineering Route Opening and Clearing Capability (PEROCC) at the 2012 AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition.

Managing Director John Crompton, said “Pearson Engineering has long espoused the concept of a single vehicle solution for tactical counter IED solutions. PEROCC is the result of this belief, providing a single platform solution to the requirements of counter IED activity through the application of a suite of tools to a chassis, with the capability to detect explosive threats and proof routes at tempo whilst maintaining a high level of self-protection.”

Route proofing is provided by the full width, heavy effect, counter-mine and counter-IED rollers. Frangible joints allow the roller banks to readily detach from the chassis in the event of a blast.  Hydraulically operated pins allow the front and rear equipment to be jettisoned quickly in an emergency and enable rapid replacement. This feature also allows the ability to integrate existing or emerging electronic detection capabilities on the same platform as the full width roller.

A powerful articulated arm, based on a commercial system, provides interrogation and manipulation capabilities for the inspection of suspicious objects and areas. It reduces and potentially removes the need for soldiers to dismount to inspect suspect areas and enables faster, more effective and safer electronic detection. A variety of tools interchangeable from under armour are available including a ripper claw, bucket, grapple and ground penetrating radar array.

The 3 seat crew compartment for Driver, Gunner and Commander is protected from beneath by an armoured double V-shaped hull for blast deflection. The upper hull is protected by applique composite armour panels which provide blast and ballistic protection. Protection is to STANAG 3 level and above.

PEROCC includes Blast-Off Wheels. In the event of a blast under one of the vehicle wheels it will readily detach from the axle, thus reducing the transfer of blast energy into the vehicle, reducing harmful acceleration effects on the crew and enabling rapid replacement/repair.

Whilst on operations all systems- rollers, interrogation arm and weapon station- can be controlled from within the armoured crew compartment. Storage space on the vehicle can be configured to carry spare roller sets and blast-off wheels allowing for rapid repair/replacement in stride.

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