PEROCC Completes First Field Evaluation

PEROCC Completes First Field Evaluation

The Pearson Engineering Route Opening and Clearance Capability (PEROCC) recently completed its first field evaluation during trials in Norway.

Working closely with the Norwegian defence research establishment (FFI) and the Army Engineers, PEROCC was put through its paces in a variety of different and demanding operational scenarios which included route proofing, hazard detection, interrogation of suspicious objects and excavation.

PEROCC is a single platform, specialised counter-IED package which is based around a commercially available pivot steer loader. It brings together a range of tools including a detector, front rollers to protect the vehicle, a set of rear rollers to give full width coverage and a highly configurable interrogation arm to which an excavator bucket, ripper tooth or additional detection equipment can be attached.

Using its detector and PEROCC’s configurable tools,  the system was able to rapidly detect and investigate buried objects. The extensive trials site also provided an opportunity to evaluate PEROCC’s mobility over a wide range of different terrain and ground conditions and to assess the platform’s merits in a wider range of engineering roles outside counter-IED.

A demonstration day held during the trials was well attended by representatives from other countries who had expressed an interest in PEROCC and its unique capabilities.

Senior Engineer James Cross said “The demonstration of PEROCC by the Norwegian Army Engineers was the first opportunity for an end user to operate the system. This is the ultimate test for any new equipment and we are delighted with how well the machine performed and how quickly the Engineers adapted to the new approach PEROCC offers to a route clearance team. Having performed in a relevant operational environment we now look forward to working towards an extended user trial.”

Pearson Engineering supplies Counter-IED, Counter-Mine, Combat Earth Moving and Assault Bridging vehicle attachments to armed forces around the world.

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