Strike Brigade Capability

The British Army’s STRIKE concept introduces a new generation of land capability focused on agility, flexibility and speed. Take a look around our interactive explorer to find out how Pearson Engineering’s broad range of interchangeable attachments can support the role of BOXER and AJAX as they ‘march divided and fight united’.

*Other attachments are available and our full range is available for both BOXER and AJAX.

Key Benefits

  • Highly configurable capability based on a common interface
  • Wide range of products to support mobility and counter-mobility
  • Counter-Mine, Counter-IED, Obstacle Clearance & Assault Bridging
  • Shared Front End attachments between platforms

Ajax and the Pearson Engineering Bridge Launch Mechanism

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Surface Clearance Device icon-arrow-right

Lane Marking System icon-arrow-right

Excavator Manipulator Arm icon-arrow-right

Light Weight Mine Roller icon-arrow-right

Straight Obstacle Blade icon-arrow-right

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