Pearson Engineering Seeks Research & Development Manager

Pearson Engineering Seeks Research & Development Manager

Pearson Engineering are looking for a new Research & Development Manager to join the team.

The primary role of the R&D Manager is to lead and manage new product/technology development projects, ensuring that the agreed Company process is followed. 

The R&D Manager is responsible and accountable for delivering new product/technologies to support the future strategic direction of the business.

The R&D Manager leads, manages and directs R&D activities and manages the day-day activities of the core R&D engineering team and those seconded from the core Design team on a project basis. 

Key Responsibilities

Reporting to the Engineering Director, the R&D Manager is responsible for:

  1. Ensuring that all new product/technology projects have regular technical and financial reviews with the appropriate audience within the business
  2. Ensuring a status report is published monthly for each active project
  3. Actively contributing technically on R&D projects
  4. Ensuring all new ideas are clarified with the originator before being published
  5. Leading a monthly new ideas review and report on outcomes
  6. Working closely with the Engineering Director to define project targets, resource budges and forecast requirements for new product/technology developments
  7. Contributing to new product idea generation in partnership with the Innovation lead Engineer
  8. Ensuring application/reuse of new technologies/design work between R&D projects
  9. Works cross-functionally to determine commercial viability and market potential
  10. Allocating project work within the dedicated team, and liaising with the Principal Engineer(s) to manage the activities of seconded resource(s)
  11. Managing a team of Design Engineers including:
  • Coaching team members to improve capabilities and develop their  engineering knowledge/expertise
  • Managing performance of individuals in the team
  • Providing effective feedback, setting and monitoring goals and objectives, establishing Personal Development plans for team members
  • Day-day line management responsibilities including assigning and checking work, managing holidays, absences and leave requests, interviewing and selection, identifying issues and concerns and taking appropriate action with the support of Human Resources
  • Supporting STEM and Graduate events, as required
  • Providing on a monthly basis or as requested by the Engineering Director, an overview of the team’s activities, potential barriers to performance, risks and opportunities for improvement

Other related duties as assigned by the Engineering Director that contribute to the Company Objectives ensuring continued growth of the product portfolio and profitability of PEL


  • 10 years + experience in Product Development
  • 10 years + managing complex engineering projects
  • Demonstrates an understanding of, and can apply commercial and financial principles, viewing issues in terms of cost, profits, budget control, markets and added value
  • Demonstrates the ability to investigate and interpret data, issues and situations, and weigh the options to make sound decisions.
  • Organisational awareness of business process and the ability to adapt to and use sound Engineering process to determine which ideas are effective and which are less so
  • Role models safe working practices and ensures compliance with Health & Safety policies
  • Demonstrates effective people management skills
  • Acts with honesty/integrity to build trust, respect and commitment in the workplace
  • Demonstrates strong interpersonal awareness and understands and takes in to account the thoughts, feelings and emotions of others. 
  • Communicates effectively, both verbally and in writing
  • Communicates effectively across disciplines
  • Organisational awareness of business process and the ability to adapt to and use sound Engineering process to determine which ideas are effective and which are less so
  • Embraces honesty/integrity to encourage building trust and commitment
  • Demonstrates an Innovation mindset and uses creative engineering strategies to qualify new product/technology ideas
  • Developing advanced Leadership Skills

Working Conditions

Typically, office based though trips to external customers (sometimes overseas) will be required from time-to-time.  Working conditions while on customer sites may include working outside of normal business hours, being required to work in field conditions with different and challenging characteristic as appropriate to the equipment being trialled/tested/maintained.

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