Contract secured to supply Mine Breaching Systems to Korean Army

Contract secured to supply Mine Breaching Systems to Korean Army

Pearson Engineering is delighted to have been awarded a contract for mine breaching equipment for Korea’s Combat Engineer Vehicle (KCEV) heavy tracked vehicle development programme.

The programme will see the acquisition of initial sets of Full Width Mine Ploughs and associated equipment. The Full Width Mine Plough is designed to breach a lane through a minefield allowing following vehicles to pass safely through.

Each KCEV will also include the integration of our Lane Marking System, Magnetic Signature Duplicator System and High Lift Adaptor. Pearson Engineering will also support the contract with Spare parts, Field Support and STTE.

South Korea represents a key market for Pearson Engineering and one which the company is committed to supporting. The development of the KCEV is slated to achieve acceptance in 2017 with significant production deliveries starting in 2018.

Speaking about Pearson Engineering’s commitment to the South Korean market, Technical Director, Randall Flack said “We are proud to have been chosen as South Korea’s preferred provider of Mine Breaching equipment. We have supported the Korean customer for many years during the formulation of their plans and will continue to support them in the future. There are further opportunities for us in this market and it is our intent to pursue them vigorously.”

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