Pearson Engineering – COVID-19 Update

Pearson Engineering – COVID-19 Update

Following the COVID-19 outbreak all of us at Pearson Engineering are deeply concerned about the safety and well-being of our families, colleagues, customers and suppliers; indeed, all those who make up our extended family.

Our Senior Leadership Team meet daily to assess the situation and to review both UK Government and Public Health England advice, in order to ensure that we are taking all appropriate steps to protect our people.

To that end, those members of our team who can work from home are doing so.  We took this decision early and before it was mandatory to do so, in order to protect our people and ensure business continuity.   

Those who work on our shop floor are unable to conduct their duties from home and so will continue to work on site, in line with current Government advice.  Their work is absolutely vital to the safety and operational effectiveness of Armed Forces around the world and we thank them for their efforts.  For those still on site, enhanced measures have been put in place to maximise safety and minimise the threat of infection.

Close liaison with our suppliers and customers is ongoing and my message to all is that, as much as is physically possible in these difficult circumstances, “Pearson Engineering is conducting business as usual”. 

We are in constant communication with our suppliers, customers and wider community stakeholders in order to discuss and agree any necessary actions, should the situation change.

If you have any questions about our response to COVID-19, then please contact us directly at

Kind regards

Craig Priday

Managing Director

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