Intelligent Area Denial Device

Pearson Engineering’s Intelligent Area Denial Device (IADD) is a small unit designed to be emplaced within the ground to arrest suspect hostile vehicles. The technology within the device allows it to discriminate between personnel and vehicles, delivering safe and reliable capability which can be tuned to the needs of the security environment.

Key Applications:

Pearson Engineering’s IADD is designed for emplacement around vulnerable locations or locations of specific hostile interest.

  • Vehicle Disruption – A tyre penetrating barb is deployed to rapidly deflate a pneumatic tyre and reduce the vehicle’s tempo
  • Vehicle Arrest – A tyre penetrating barb, used in conjunction with entanglement lines and a suitable anchor system, is used to arrest an approaching hostile vehicle, slowing the vehicle to a stop and preventing it from continuing along its intended course.

Other Applications:

The technology contained within the Pearson Engineering IADD allows for a range of other tactical uses:

  • Vehicle Marking – An approaching hostile vehicle could be marked with a visual marker or other such device to enable future identification
  • Vehicle Tracking – An approaching hosting vehicle could be tagged with a GPS tracker to enable future tracking and location monitoring
  • Vehicle identification & Monitoring – An approaching hostile vehicle could be identified and monitored via means of a mini-UAV, camera and/or microphone.

Intelligent Technology:

The device ‘intelligence’ allows for it to discriminate between personnel and vehicles. The device utilises a range of sensors and indicators with appropriate filtering and algorithms which can be ‘tuned’ to suit the installation and target threat.

The device can also be ‘armed’ or ‘disarmed’ by the operator, either remotely or locally, to allow or prevent the passage of vehicles, i.e. for ‘friend’ or ‘enemy’ vehicles.


  • Used to automatically deny vehicular access to a specified route or area on demand to protect against suspected hostile vehicles
  • Ability to arrest a vehicle up to 3 tonnes of mass travelling at 50mph or under
  • Rapid emplacement and activation
  • Tuneable to allow for friendly vehicle approach
  • Multiple sensors used to detect and confirm the presence of a suspected hostile vehicle
  • Ability to ‘arm’ and ‘disarm’ the device
  • Ability to discriminate between pedestrians and vehicles to prevent unintended harm or injury
  • Arrests the suspected hostile vehicle by entangling the drivetrain with lines anchored either beneath the ground or to a solid surface
  • Developed for military use, configurations for Security applications currently in development