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We are proud to sponsor International Armoured Vehicles’ Mobility Stream, where we will be joining a panel to discuss the Suwalki Corridor and the significant mobility challenges that Armed Forces encounter in the face of well-equipped adversaries. More details on how to listen to our panel discussion can be found below.

Our team were looking forward to welcoming visitors to our physical stand at IAV 2021, but we still look forward to the opportunity to showcase our latest innovations. Thoughout IAV, we will launch our latest product developments which are designed to provide military vehicles with capability to defeat scatterable-mines.

The Suwalki Corridor & Heavy Metal Warfare – High Intensity Conflict in Eastern Europe

Panel Discussion
4th Feb, 1415 GMT

The Suwalki Corridor represents a 65km stretch of land between Belarus and Kaliningrad and is some of the most crucial territory within NATO’s borders. Defeat of such mobility challenges requires new and innovative ideas and collaboration between nations.


• Manoeuvre support from the U.S & European perspective
• Crossing the gap
• Transatlantic co-operation
• Interoperability and sharing capability to defeat adversaries
• Defeat of obstacles


• Lt. Gen (Ret.) Ben Hodges, Former Commanding General, US Army Europe & Pershing Chair, CEPA (Moderator)
• Lt. Gen Carsten Jacobsen, Former Deputy Commanding General, German Army
• Major General Patrick J. Donahoe, Commanding General, U.S. Army Manoeuvre Center of Excellence
• Col (Ret.) Richard Beatson, Business Director, Pearson Engineering
• Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Higgins, eFP Battle Group Commander, US Army Europe


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