Manoeuvre support and total adaptability for manned and unmanned armoured vehicles

Our team were looking forward to welcoming visitors to our physical stand at AUSA 2020, but we still look forward to the opportunity to connect.

Pearson Engineering is a world-leading provider of counter-mine, counter-IED, counter-obstacle and bridging products for armoured vehicles. Our approach to innovation provides expert battlefield mobility solutions; we create tactical agility for your future operations, whether manned or unmanned. 

With over 30 years’ experience in delivering Combat Engineering systems, we are committed to providing innovative and creative solutions which respond to the reality of a modern conflict environment.

  • Smarter mobility and counter-mobility for tomorrow’s fight

  • Assault Breacher Vehicle

    Proud providers to the Assault Breacher Vehicle programme.

  • Route Proving and Clearance

    The new Pearson Engineering Route Proving and Clearance Multi-Tool is a vehicle agnostic, Counter Explosive Ordnance (CEO) capability to DETECT, PROTECT and DEFEAT.

Manoeuvre Support

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Here for your future operations, whether manned or unmanned.