Total Service Support

Total Service Support

Pearson Engineering is one of the world’s leading Engineering businesses providing complex military equipment and systems, full spectrum logistics and service support for Armoured Vehicles from our modern facilities in the UK and U.S.

We have a reputation of delivering the very best high quality, flexible, cost-effective and responsive solutions for our customers.  It is part of our commitment to provide total customer support.

Key Attributes

At the heart of our company is a flexible workforce of over 500 people, at Group Level, with an extremely diverse skill base. We have a proven track record for the delivery of equipment, in-service support, repair and overhaul. Our key attributes are:

  • Technical expertise.
  • Purpose built fully equipped facilities.
  • Established and approved security systems.
  • Off-site capability delivered via Field Service Representatives.
  • Surge capacity and capability.
  • Ability to source, compete and sub-contract services to a trusted top tier supply chain.
  • Located close to military automotive test facilities.

Customers include the US Army and Marine Corps, General Dynamics, British Army, BAE Systems and Armed Forces across the world. Over the last 4 years the company’s turnover was over £570m, during which time it won the Queens Awards for Enterprise in Innovation and International Trade. Our total support solutions include:

Design and Test

Pearson Engineering has a dedicated design office, prototype development and test facility and access to test and trial sites throughout UK and the U.S. Read More ›

Repair and Overhaul

Pearson Engineering has the facilities and key skills required to provide a comprehensive equipment conversion, repair and overhaul service. Read More ›

Integrated Logistic Support

Pearson Engineering offers its customers a comprehensive range of ILS services that encompass the DEF STAN 00-60 methodology. Read More ›

Field Support

Field Support Representatives provide 24 /7 on call assistance, in field repair support, trials support, equipment installation support and New Equipment Training solutions.

Read More ›


Pearson Engineering’s interest in partnering is based upon a long-term perspective which seeks to develop a win-win outcome for all parties. Our approach is based on promoting the following strategies:

  • Co-operative attitudes.
  • Trusting relationships.
  • Joint problem solving.
  • A continual dialogue of informal and formal communications.
  • Managing the cost base.
  • Open sharing of information across the team structure.

Driven by this approach Pearson Engineering is actively seeking new business partnerships, which can benefit all parties, can help to secure major contracts and ensure that opportunities are successfully won and delivered.

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