Case Studies


Pearson Engineering Route Opening and Clearing Capability (PEROCC)

PEROCC provides a single-platform solution to the requirements of counter-improvised explosive device (C-IED) activity through the application of a suite of tools to a chassis, with the capability…

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Assured Mobility

In the ever challenging and complex land environment, Commanders require more than ever the ability to freely manoeuvre to places at the time of their choosing. Opponents, however, may have different ideas employing complex counter…

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Pearson Engineering is proud to supply Breaching Equipment to the Assault Breacher Program. Our contribution includes the delivery of Full Width Mine Ploughs, a powerful system which ploughs the earth to bring mines to the…

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SPARK OIF was designed in order to react to the changing requirements in Iraq.

SPARK OIF is designed to help protect Mine Resistant and Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles from the effects of Victim Operated IEDs (VOIEDs)…

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