How We Work

How We Work

Engineering Team

The Engineering team at Pearson Engineering comprises highly-skilled specialists in design, product engineering and technical draughting.  Research and development receives heavy investment, ensuring that our products are responsive to emerging threats and operational requirements.  We understand that combat operations often demand ever evolving levels of sophistication and efficiency and we respond with continual prototyping and development.

Project Management

Our Project Managers, each with a background in high-specification, complex engineering products, work with end-users and primes to deliver equipment to meet even the most demanding requirements and deadlines.  They have a deep understanding of our products and they are able to call upon our established and valued supply chain to ensure that each component of the product is properly considered and suitable for both its intended purpose and our customers’ requirements.

Pearson Engineering takes the view that the best approach to Project Management is to place responsibility for running the project with a lead senior Project Manager and to provide support with a skilled team of Design, Testing, ILS, Purchasing, Manufacturing and Quality Assurance specialists.  The Project Manager is the single point of contact, both internally and externally for all aspects of the contract and coordinates delivery activities accordingly.


We have access to a manufacturing team of over 300 highly skilled manufacturing personnel. This includes a full range of sub-contract manufacturing skills across plate preparation, fabrication, welding, machining, painting, assembly, integration and test.

The team has over 500 years of defence manufacture experience, including defence components, armoured structure and vehicle assembly.

We have a unique capability as an independent company to manufacture defence components, armoured vehicle hulls and turrets, for wheeled and tracked, light, medium and heavy armoured vehicles. This capability covers both Steel and Aluminium products. Our core manufacturing plant, facility size and crane capacity are sized to handle fabrications up to the size of main battle tanks.

We can also offer a full vehicle manufacture sub-contract capability; fabrication and assembly, assembly only, from a kit of parts or inclusive of procurement.


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