Global Presence

Global Presence

Our products are developed with a global market in mind with exports accounting for 98% of sales. This is backed up by a global presence with attendance at the major defence exhibitions throughout the world and advisors in key markets providing Pearson Engineering with a local expertise and understanding of customer requirements. We are currently active in over 30 countries and are experienced in working in many others.

We are the supplier of choice for Counter-Mine and Combat Engineering in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, India, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, UAE, UK and the U.S.A.


Our support services provide our customers with constant worldwide support. We are reliable, flexible and responsive to requirements and can provide New Equipment Training and technical assistance along with troubleshooting where and when needed to ensure our customers get the best possible performance from their products.

Pearson Engineering Inc

Pearson Engineering Inc., our U.S. subsidiary, provides us with secure U.S. in-country assembly, storage and support facilities. The company was established as a mark of our commitment to the U.S. market and has been instrumental in delivering equipment to the Stryker, SPARK roller and Assault Breacher Vehicle programmes. The facility comprises 4500 m2 of workshop space and 600 m2 of office space set in 30 acres of land. Pearson Engineering Inc. can offer companies with an interest in working the U.S. with an established base and the opportunity to collaborate with a mature, flexible and trusted supply chain to meet specific requirements. For more information on Pearson Engineering Inc. please click here ›.

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